Leaf and Bone

There was a wild

sunrise, the day she let it burn-

She’d learnt destruction, like lyrics to a song, and now, her turn-

such strange, such sad, sad stories are nestled in the trees-

she wanted to be a leaf, and so she sat there on her knees

(looked almost like a prayer

except she wouldn’t dare)

IMG_4891And no one was there; no one heard her swallow-

as she threw a bone to the dog that ate her mind,

and no one can much predict, what will follow,

when a girl  gets up, leaves everything behind…

what frigid streets did her feet last tread on?

We don’t know; can’t recover what is gone-

Know this-

she lived, and died, alone,

and that’s the Truth- violent, uncouth,

a tragedy of blood and bone…

I saw her fly after, you know-

A shadow of leaf and smoke,

she flew right by my window…

we saw each other every day, before,

but we never really spoke.


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