Everything I never wanted

And borne of the grief and the morning sunlight,
comes me- a being, sewn with earth and fire;
Eyes burning with all the things I saw in the night-
But- you are no soother; and I’m no crier.
And this is me- letting the wind whisk away my wanting-
And this is you-up with the birds, laughing, smug, taunting.

Do you remember the moment when we were orphaned of ourselves?
…and boarded the train, running East, suitcases full of holes;
Truth is- when we gutted our lives , and exiled the elves off our shelves,
We left a smattering of ebony powder coating our old souls.

And borne of courage, or, simply tired of feeling daunted,
I scraped the powder off the surface (now watch it gleam)
And now- now I want everything I never wanted,
Now, that I dared the future, dared to dare, dared to dream.

And, a girl, swollen round the edges with all her aspirations,
Holding suitcases snugged tightly with yellow rope,
Sits silent through the night at the sleepy subway station-
I’m heading back West now-and with all me, all this hope.


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