Yesterday I held the night, even as I wanted to be held.
Yesterday I soothed the stars, even as the grey moon yelled.

I  stitched the memories together, darkness snug inside my lap.
I was alone, and cold, and mighty- a girl within a gap.

If you would have come to visit, I know you would not care.
Still, I would have let you through the window, offer you a beer.
Because memories tire the hands and hurt inside the head,
And, for the longest time now, I craved elseness in their stead.

I wanted to build us a fortress, I knew my hands were strong.
Thought you might have liked to live there, guess that I was wrong.

But know- the night doesn’t scare me, in fact we are old friends.
And carelessness won’t dissuade me, when night a comfort lends.