10 Truths & Counting; a modest list in rhymes

  1. Everything changes, and mostly, people forget.
  2. Every lost chance will turn to boulder of regret.
  3. Pain passes, leaves canyons and ruins in its wake, yes; still- it will go.
  4. Learn people, memorize them, what makes them break- and they will know.
  5. Fake confidence; yes, you can fool the whole damn world with swinging hips.
  6. Never listen to the ones that say you can’t- starred sky lies at your finger tips.
  7. If you coax love into your chest, your voice will change, and people will listen- they will hear it.
  8. There is little burden nature can’t lighten- surrender to its vastness, and don’t you dare fear it.
  9. Crying will never get easier, but there’s no other way to clean away all the dirt.
  10. No matter how much time tries to erase what you lost, it will still always kinda hurt.
  11. Never stop learning, never stop searching, never stop wanting- remember nothing is certain.
  12. Believe in good people, in places of wonder, and in your small self that never yet gave in.

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