and where was man

Baptize the earth with their blood and-

The streets are built on bones and mud and-

The wolf howls at a frightened moon and-

The trees freeze still, come afternoon, and-

The birds of war shriek, mournful, starved-

For the blood of what our sins have carved…

And where was God in all this ruin, in all this chaos, a world-shaped void.

How does it feel, to witness all You’ve shaped and willed, be ruthlessly destroyed?

And shallow grave dug for our faith, and all we thought we knew,

And darkness coats the shamed believers- a time to build anew.

And in the silence of the Accused, an eerie lack of question-

with all that was wrecked and abused, there’s missing a confession-

Yes, storm at God, and War and Greed- form bans and plans, do what you can…

But, the blood-stained ground, and haunted halls, all clamor- where was man?

Cast your guilt to the wind,

Have we not all sinned,

when blood was spilled,

and children killed,

and we shy from- where was man?


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