In search of miracles

to freeze a lake by spreading fire,

to coax a laugh out of the damned,

to set the profane on the pyre-

to study chaos and understand;

the new york subway creaks and shudders,

and every day a new’s the same-

to cast a wish into the gutter,

and will it grow into its name-

you never know the truth of you,

despite the shame, there’s claim- it matters

if every one shifts to someone new,

the past becomes a thing of tatters…

(where does reality built a grave?

among the crazy or the brave?)

go now,

sail sea of stone

know now

beyond your bones-

there’s magic past the wreck of war

and islands past the brick of walls.

we all want more now, we all want more.

the silent sky now, hear its calls.

there must be something beyond these walls.


1 Comment

  1. Tears welling up as I read this. Your style and skill is getting better and better and continuing to be so powerful 😍


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