today’s failing

I never asked to write from pain,

But here the hurt creeps up again..

and questions chew at edge of dawn,

and all my hopes retreat, forlorn,

and with the sun, the stars can scorn-

You of dreams, witness doubt reborn!

In darkness lies a calm that sheilds you,

And no one can fortell what’ll heal you,

Or when a day that’s grey can break you,

Or when the demons of yesterday will take you.

I cannot wage a war today.

I cannot speak the words.

I cannot find it in me to stay.

I’ll go now, seek the birds.

To fly a bit in darker space-

A place to hide my heart and face.


1 Comment

  1. Beautifully penned. I like the rhymes of this poem. Very often we have to write about our pain and demons that come back. I think there is just one typo on line 7: sheilds should be shields.


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