empty spaces

in the dim glow of twilight,

there’s a soft space to say,

I wish I was stronger.

I wish I could stay.

I wish I could fight all the demons, wish I could heal all the aches.

In the parting rays of sun, there’s a prayer that holds all the stakes–

in the wilderness where lion eat goat,

in the sorrow where your self eats you,

in the storm that tears up the boat,

in the morrow that breaks us in two…

in the words we cast to the wind,

in the words we stitch together for friends,

there’s a loss of the essence of being,

how easy our truth claws and bends!


I wish I could will into being,

a place for the orphaned and damned.

I wish we can, in our fleeing,

build homes upon sturdy, safe land.


If only despair grants us answer–how do you know it’ll get better someday?

Call upon wind and the dancer– we all move through a force we can’t sway.


In the darkness, my soul still can feel you.

In the pain, there’s a heartache of hope.

In this darkness, the terror cuts straight through,

In our empty, faith’s a slippery slope.

In destruction, there’s never a “better”.

In the waves, you eventually drown.

Cast a wish, write the world this small letter–

Please God, don’t let me fall down.




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