Bits Of An Insomniac

composed late at night, from amongst chaos and coffee



short memory of witnessed broken promises

her, with frozen feet and broken heart, she said- Thank God for waterproof mascara and your roommate's trip to Berlin   sure, with your two secret and softened parts, you made- a pact of Being There, free zone, all the... Continue Reading →


Reign of the Melancholy (or, Small Revolutions)

Despite the crickets and the trees, Despite the brooks and creeks, and sea, Despite the coffee, wine, and tea- Despite the young men and their ease, Despite the girls with curls and tease, Despite the foliage and autumn breeze- My... Continue Reading →

Laughter at the Funeral

Tanned skin, criss-cross scars- Game of blame, and shooting stars- Wish on wish, piled to the waist, Here's the pain- take a look... have a taste. Summer camp and three weeks cluttered, Hubris of the haven crew- We've flown from... Continue Reading →

Not of tragedy, not today

Not of tragedy, not today- I will not hold the truth today, Sacred sky, come what may, I will not bow under the weight. Not with edges jagged, coarse- How unsightly it is to bleed- Pain is ugly, and truth... Continue Reading →


There's the broken and the healers, The creators and the killers. The followers and the leaders, Here's the victors, and the shamed, The wild ones, the tamed- The sacred ones, the blamed. I am vessel, I am hole, I'm a... Continue Reading →

6 am winter walk

Legs still stiff with sleepiness, and fingers numb with chill, Grey white expanse to sidewalk, warm glow to window sills... Seagulls soar over the hospital, rigid against the sky, 6 AM, winter's wind invading the skin beneath my sleeves. And... Continue Reading →

weight of the world, balanced on weekend’s shoulders

spent a coffee drenched weekend, tucked inside the belly of the beast- no friend available to help contend, or provide indulgent food, at least; and sometimes words refuse to originate from a day that holds a breeze over the ocean-... Continue Reading →

the parameters of our lost hope

Belief breaks boundaries, feeding hope to all those needing... As if (the shedding of my skins) As if (an atonement of my sins) As if dawn stamps out the night As if turning self-outside-in can internalize some small light… Like,... Continue Reading →

broken heart knocking

Hey, there's a broken heart knocking, face pressed against your pane, Maybe it got locked out of home in this desolate  winter's night, Hey, won't you open the door, bring it in to haven from the rain, and offer it... Continue Reading →

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