Bits Of An Insomniac

composed late at night, from amongst chaos and coffee



the borders of our being

There's just not enough hand, To hold all this sky, To cradle this dust-worn land, To cradle your hurt-torn sigh... There's just not enough lip, To form all these words, To gracefully let slip, The sounds like wild birds. And... Continue Reading →


and where was man

Baptize the earth with their blood and- The streets are built on bones and mud and- The wolf howls at a frightened moon and- The trees freeze still, come afternoon, and- The birds of war shriek, mournful, starved- For the... Continue Reading →

Lights so bright they’re blinding

Like Lady Macbeth, The old woman wept- Out damned spot! Out! This here lot, Refuse to see the rot, Out damned spot, I say. We cannot talk of grief today- This here sky fits only sun, They'll shun the one... Continue Reading →

Soap and lies and other things

Lavender and honeysuckle, bubble gum or pear, All this soap- Lends the hope, That we can somehow mask the stench of Here, All the thoughts we bare, All the failures we dare- There is time and luxury to mask the... Continue Reading →

Mysticism in my coffee

Spoon of sugar, heavy roast brew, Space of stomach, thoughts of you- cast the water upon your hurt- Worship all this world has wrought.   In destruction, we bowed our heads- I prayed to God (you wished Him dead)- I... Continue Reading →

self-sabotage (or- an ode to the hopeless)

a daily misfortune- I swallowed the sun, winter afternoon the day's half gone- and all last night's inspirations, I've kicked them in the heart- and those plans and aspirations, have surrendered at their start.


Built myself a boat out of the grief- frightful contraption cast out to sea, held snug together by raw belief and an offering of all of me- and, fashioned out an airplane from my rage- (how deep will the pain... Continue Reading →

the story of me

I will tell the story of me tonight, due to the dust on the fan- the strength of me gives me fright- I never know how long I can keep the poker face, the smooth skin thighs, the sacred place... Continue Reading →

short memory of witnessed broken promises

her, with frozen feet and broken heart, she said- Thank God for waterproof mascara and your roommate's trip to Berlin   sure, with your two secret and softened parts, you made- a pact of Being There, free zone, all the... Continue Reading →

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