Bits Of An Insomniac

composed late at night, from amongst chaos and coffee

late night college woes

nothing conjures creativity like late night assignments and coffee stained keyboards, sleepy frustration, and words push pass the writing, straining to answer questions I long cast far into the past, tongue devilishly itching to spill my guts to a screen... Continue Reading →


moments in the laundry room, stay still

In the beginning, God created the sky and the earth. The beginning, Bereishit, some commentaries cite as the true First creation, as the frame for the universe as we now know it. Without time then, how would we, and Earth,... Continue Reading →

chains of freedom

Never once shrunk from the choices they slammed into my face, Never shed tear or plea when I was dragged at their crazed pace, Never bore the mark of failure, beneath the mask of grace. Always. I was woman, independent.... Continue Reading →

secret slivers under the moon

midnight mirrors the stuff long unsaid, still lodged stubborn in my head- and thoughts words won't contain creak of radiator and glint of stardust- gives place to nurse the joys and pains, huddled porch smells of rain and rust, holds... Continue Reading →

secret of the summer seconds

I think it's because I was born in winter, and learnt to breathe with the fall of snow- and watched the world bruise and splinter before I knew how these things tend to go, and so, distrustful of rebirth, I've... Continue Reading →

the barest bones of the experience

The barest bones of the experience is often too hefty a skeleton for paper and pen. Traveling solo puts the full weight of it all onto your shoulders, and there is nothing you can do about all the little details... Continue Reading →

strongest dreams forsake me

in sleep I tore apart the brick walls with my bare hands, in sleep I burned your fingerprints off the bloodied walls. in sleep there is no reason, no caution that reprimands, and so in sleep, I break the bones... Continue Reading →

mastering the art of breath

oceans, swollen grey and blue with the tide, crash powerful against the mountains of stone and there never was so much foam inside of me, as when I learned to breathe on my own. and it's slightly strange, and slightly... Continue Reading →

ode to the fall

Late November and the air is violet and chilled- the savage summer restlessness has finally stilled. Funny how the world turns most beautiful, just as it begins to die- As if the colors finally fought their way out of their... Continue Reading →

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